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Debugging Your Outdoor Event

Summertime means outdoor barbecues, swimming with friends and dinner on the patio with family. Unfortunately, along with the sunshine and the sites of nature comes extreme heat, stagnant water and the mosquitoes that love this combination. If you’re planning on having a special event outside, don’t let that hinder or alter your plans. Let Mosquito Squad of North Columbus provide protection for your outdoor special event or party.

Why You Should Choose Mosquito Squad?

Our trained professionals will perform a convenient over the phone assessment to give you information about the services you’ll need for your outdoor event. Once you receive your assessment and evaluation, one of our trained technicians will treat all areas on your property that may harbor mosquitoes and other pests. Best of all, it is all done based on your schedule in a time frame ranging anywhere from 24 to 72 hours before your planned event.

What Do We Have To Offer?

Just getting rid of mosquitoes is not enough. Mosquito Squad of North Columbus special event treatments also target other annoying, health hazardous pests like ticks and fleas. The treatment used is registered with the EPA and will eliminate up to 85-90% of pests on your property. The treatment takes up very little time from your busy day, needing less than an hour to apply.

A short thirty minutes after the treatment is sprayed, any odor from the treatment will completely dissipate but the fast-acting treatment will continue to eliminate and protect against mosquitoes. The treatment will last long after your event is over – for up to 21 days.

You don’t have to move your wedding, graduation party or backyard barbecue indoors because of mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of North Columbus will take care of any mosquito control issues comprehensively to prevent them from ruining your event.

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