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All it takes for mosquitoes to breed is the amount of water that this bottle cap can hold.

It is important for homeowners to walk their yards at least weekly and get rid of as much standing water as possible. If you have a bird bath, toss out the water and refresh it frequently. If you have potted plants, tip them every few days to get rid of any excess water. If you keep a dog dish or kiddie pool out in your yard, turn it over when its not in use. Tarps are another culprit, if you aren’t using them, fold them up and put them away. If they are in use, make sure they are secured tightly and won’t allow for any water to pool.

Its important to team up with your neighbors too. The more people that take action, the fewer areas mosquitoes can find to hatch their eggs in.

Remember, mosquitoes will lay their eggs in areas that they can smell will flood at some point and mosquito eggs can survive up to SEVEN years waiting for the right conditions to come along for them to hatch!






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