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Mosquito Barrier Control in North Columbus

Summer is the season for backyard barbecues, parties, celebrations, or simply enjoying your yard. This is the year to consider mosquito barrier control from Mosquito Squad of North Columbus. We specialize in residential control of annoying mosquitoes so you can spend your time relaxing instead of swatting.

Our barrier control treatment will eliminate mosquitoes on your property and keep them away for 21 days. Once dry, the treatments won’t harm your pets or birds, and are safe to use around nearby aquatic features.

First our experienced technicians will identify the places on your property where mosquitoes are most likely to breed.

We will then treat these areas with our safe and dependable mosquito control solution that eliminates adult mosquitoes and their eggs on contact. We will also spray the rest of your property for any other annoying mosquitoes and ticks that may be present.

For season long protection we will return every 21 days to reapply the treatment on your property. We notify you when we’ll be back for the next protective barrier treatment, and there’s no need to be present. We will notify you that we visited and applied the scheduled treatment.

Routine barrier treatments keep your yard a mosquito-free zone and give you the ability to enjoy your outdoor space and even protect your pets from annoying and potentially harmful mosquito bites. You and your family will be able to fully enjoy the yard all summer long without the painful itching and concern mosquito bites cause. Give Mosquito Squad of North Columbus a call at 614-591-4820 for your free consultation today!

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