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Misting Systems

If you are looking for a solution that gives you complete control and truly gets rid of mosquitoes forever, you might want to consider our misting system option. The misting system is customized to your yard and designed to virtually disappear into your landscape. It is programmed to automatically spray a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through a series of misting nozzles three times a day. Having a barbecue? Hit the remote control and have an additional mist before your guests arrive to ensure a pest-free gathering.

We partner with MistAway, the leading manufacturer of misting systems, for controlling mosquitoes and other annoying insects. We do this because MistAway’s systems offer important features that our competitors’ can’t. For example, all of our systems are designed to prevent a siphon in the nozzle circuit and are capable of recognizing a leak and shutting the system off until it can be repaired. They can be configured with a sensor so that the system will inhibit a mist if the wind is too strong. And with agitation prior to each cycle, the insecticide concentration of each mist is the same every time.

The automatic mosquito misting control unit – either the innovative tankless mosquito misting model or the traditional drum-based mosquito misting model- is located anywhere that is convenient to a water faucet and electrical outlet.

The precision-engineered mosquito misting nozzles are installed about every 10-15 feet around the perimeter of your property; on fence lines, trees and risers positioned in the landscaping for a mosquito-free yard.

The misting unit’s electronic controller is programmed to automatically initiate a 30 – 60 second mosquito-killing mist around dawn and again at dusk, when the mosquitoes are most active and other beneficial insects – like bees and butterflies – are not.

The fine mist drifts around the property and settles on the grass and landscaping, killing any mosquito that comes in contact with it. MistAway’s mosquito misting systems can also help control other unwanted insects, like spiders, flies, gnats and no-see-ums.

Life is too short to feel uncomfortable in your own backyard. With our misting system, you won’t have to!

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